What do our customers say?

A Therapist needs to be more than a collection of qualifications.

It is important to find a Therapist who you feel can understand you and who you can work with.

For this reasons we ask our clients to tell us honestly (and anonymously) what they think, about our services.

We welcome your feedback, as we are constantly learning. If you wish to share your ideas, please send your comments via our 'contact form'.

Below are some testimonials, given by clients who have attended here and who have kindly consented to sharing their feedback.

" It always felt a very safe space and I trusted Kaye to help me work through my problems. I always felt much calmer upon leaving my sessions, even if I was quite stressed and anxious on arrival... I have found this treatment to be life changing and it has in some way shaped me for the future."

"I was able to be honest about how I was feeling and I was allowed to explore why I was feeling that way. Kaye is the kind of person who listens to what you are telling her; then assists you to look at problems independently to find your own answers. By being able to be open and honest, I no longer feel my life is not worth living."

"A very broad and knowledgeable foundation of treatment. A genuinely pleasant lady, with a real concern for her patients welfare. Fantastic support."

My confidence grew and I found it particularly easy to express myself. I felt more of a person and I now look towards the future. The method of therapy is a very good way of treating people with my type of illness."

"I really liked Kaye. She is really helpful and funny. I felt that I am back to being me. And Kaye explained everything perfectly and I will miss her very much. I enjoyed every session. Thank you and I am so grateful x."

"Therapist is trustworthy and friendly, understanding and can relate to problems that have arisen. The service is wonderful and thank you. I'm a new man!"

"I was very sceptical about how therapy could help me after my accident, but Dr Blackburn guided me through the process. I am totally amazed how she was able to help me. I feel like I have my life back. I would highly recommend her to others."

"I am so grateful for all your help Kaye. Panic no longer rules my life and I am able to live a life I never thought was possible before therapy."

"Cbt with Kaye Blackburn was great. It really helped my PTSD symptoms to stop and I can sleep at night again. Thanks for all your help."

"I feel back in control of my life since I did therapy. I realise now what caused my depression and I know what to do in future to avoid getting stuck again. Kaye was very patient with me and I am very grateful for her help and the skills she taught me."

"Thank you for all your help over the past few months. It has helped me move forward a lot."

"Kaye Blackburn has been a thoughtful, perceptive and helpful therapist. After trying many therapies unsuccessfully before, she has helped me to get some relief from my social phobia symptoms."

"I am grateful that I was able to receive therapy. It was hard work at times. Kaye Blackburn combined good humour and support with a systematic and clear approach, which helped me stay on track. I found my inner strength as I went through the process. Thank you for helping me with this... My friends and family have noticed the positive changes I have been able to make."