What did you learn from Teacher training?

I completed a two year training, between 1998 and 2000, along side my NHS work to develop my skills as a Teacher and Trainer.

This course overlapped with the Diploma in Cognitive Therapy slightly - what can I say, I must have had more energy in them days.

I obtained a post graduate Diploma in adult (post 16) education, with distinction, from John Moore's University.

I believed that being a good Trainer should not just be an add on skill, that someone is expected to do without specialist training.

The Diploma course taught me a lot about the context and politics of education, which provided a useful learning experience for life and the NHS.

I also learned a lot of practical skills, about curriculum developments, designing individual teaching plans, managing the classroom environment and adapting to learners  specialist needs. This background has helped me to be systematic and clear.

I very much enjoy training others and I have used these skills in helping trainees, colleagues and therapy clients over the years.