What is CPD and what are your current CPD goals?

CPD stands for continued professional development. It involves the completion of a variety of on-going training, development and skills building activities, which aim to keep practising Psychologists up to date.

CPD is a requirement for continued accreditation and registration as a Psychologist and Psychotherapist by various professional and regulatory bodies. However, it is more than this.  For me, it is an obligation for ethical and professional reasons to stay current, so that up to date, quality provision can be provided to my customers.

I undertake many hours of CPD each year. Each year I work on maintaining core skills as a Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor, CBT Psychotherapist and EMDR Trained Therapist. 

As a Therapist, I always include some on-going learning and skills building in the areas of: trauma, anxiety, depression, OCD, chronic pain and supervision skills.

I also work on several additional themes each year. Last year, I focussed particularly on anxiety disorders as there were a number of imminent, international trainers visiting the UK, who are offering updates. I also focussed on developing my research and evaluation  skills and on treating sleep disorders.

This year I will be focussing on somatic or body conditions such as chronic pain, somatisation disorder, body dysmorphic disorder and  medically unexplained symptoms.

I use a range of learning tools including reading, web based training, workshops, interactive training materials and links to discussion via special interest groups.