Can EMDR help me with my coping?

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. It was originally used to help bring relief and resolution to traumatic memories.

It is a very powerful therapy, which should be provided by a trained professional and in my opinion, someone who has a significant background in understanding human trauma and healing.

If reprocessing is started and not completed sufficiently, there is some evidence that this can leave the person in an activated traumatised state, rather than a resolved one.

A sensitive Therapist will work to determine if a client is ready to undertake trauma reprocessing. The reprocessing stage of treatment effectively revisits the trauma memories and allows these to be addressed, to bring symptom relief to a client.

Whilst many people can handle reprocessing, some people have devastated lives and have not had the opportunity to self regulate their emotions and achieve stability within.

So, for some people, who have few inner resources, they may need some further work to prepare them to reprocessing. This is called resource building and this can be beneficial in its own right.

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