Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

Our services provide weekly clinics using EMDR therapy to help people in distress.

EMDR is a therapy which was originally created by Francine Shapiro, a Clinician and Researcher, to treat traumatic memories. The treatment is said to have developed as a result of her own distressing memories and how she resolved them. It has since expanded, to be used with a wider range of symptoms and difficulties such as: panic, phobia, complex grief, addictions, personality change, OCD, early trauma and coping.

EMDR is a therapy with less research base than CBT, but it is recognised for use with adults, by the World Health Organisation.  Evidence is well established to support the effectiveness of EMDR with Trauma and its research base is growing significantly.

Is EMDR Therapy right for me?

Many clients have tried previous therapies before, but are sometimes still searching for ways forward with their difficulties. Clients have often tried rational treatments, which aim to help them resolve problematic patterns in their lives. 

EMDR is a very useful and powerful therapy, in that it helps the human brain to work directly on unresolved feelings and memories. These can be held somatically in the body as a 'felt sense' or they can be outside conscious awareness for some people.

Some clients find that the barriers they have, in talking about difficult memories with another person, has prevented them from seeking resolution. EMDR can be helpful in such instances, as clients can undertake treatment without the need to verbalize their memories. This is called the 'blind to therapist' protocol (Blore & Holmshaw).

If you would like to discuss further if EMDR would be a suitable therapy for you, then please make an informal enquiry, via the 'Contact us' page.